Surface technology

Based on the most diverse requirements for product surfaces, our company has specialised in the area of surface technology in order to fulfil the wishes and requirements of our customers.

Depending on the intended purpose and place of use, our customers’ products are given a pure corrosion protection, or corrosion protection with a subsequent powder coating. Where required, in addition to surface finishing, the business also offers preservation (for example the sealing of hollow components) for enhanced protection against corrosion and maximum lifespan.

Our offer

  • Powder-coated surfaces

    Powder coating is a coating process in which an electrically conductive material is coated with powder coatings.

  • Galvanic surfaces

    During the galvanising process, the workpiece to be coated is hung in a bath of electrolyte and used as the cathode.

  • Anodised surfaces

    Anodising is a procedure to create a protective layer of oxide on aluminium by anodic oxidation.

  • other surfaces upon request

    We are happy to offer individual solutions on request.